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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

The issue should not be what is the boundry at which I go from "decent" to "indecent", but rather, what is the best way my art can help enlighten a world that is truly in need.
The whole concept of "decent" "indecent" is rooted in religion and the shame put forth on people's bodies and sex. Remember back 100 years ago it was considered indecent for a woman to even show her bare ANKLES in public, in Europe it is common in some countries such as Switzerland to see women bare chested in public parks, it's not shocking, people dont stare, it just "is."

A photo of a Swiss dog which was the main subject of the photo- happened to include a portion taken from the side of a picnicking lady in a Swiss park, it was printed on a Swiss related dog club newsletter and some tightwad people wrote the newsletter editor some very angry letters and complained to the board about the NUDE photo.

It was explained that this was perfectly normal and typical there, the lady was simply sitting on her picnic blanket and the only thing that you could see of her was the side of her face and the SIDE of one breast.
But here it's like this big paranoia- COVER UP!!! someone might SEE a breast, but forgetting that half the people on the planet have them, and the other half have rudimentary versions of them with nipples, so what's the big deal??
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