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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Originally Posted by Merlion
Can you believe this. It is about the disapproval of a church in Loveland, CO, to a nude sculpture to be placed a whole mile away from their yet to be built church building.
Oh yes, I sure do believe it, the latest in a retrograde right wing "thing" that seems to be sweeping the country.
The congregation and pastor object to the statue of two nude women and one man as inappropriate for its planned location,

"It just doesn't make sense to put it in such a public place where kids can see it,"
Oh of course, we have to hide the dirty and NASTY body from view and at the same time protect the ChiLdReN from seeing the DIRTY NASTY naked body whilst instilling in them a hate for their own bodies as filthy, dirty and needing to be covered- by example. Forget that the "nude" is only a statue not a real person.

The church is constructing a building less than a mile from where the sculpture is scheduled to be dedicated in August. ....
Well, maybe they oughtta build their little church someplace else, I can think of a few choices places they can go, but I'll refrain from comment.
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