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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

somewhat like the author of the piece, i fucking hate censorship

lemme tell you a little story
long ago and far away, while in the army, i used to write an article for the camp newspaper-secret camp running a top secret com-site-the military intell goons censored my articles---their approach was to delete the iffy items then jam whatever was left together and send if off to get published---I read like an illiterate lunatic--sentence fragments with multiple subjects and/or verbs and no object-----so i started a new article called "Kite Flying in Mariland---------I would go and sit on a hill overlooking the post which was in a valley surrounded by mountains, and describe what I saw and where the kite was flying----a few issues later, some of my comrades began to detect a pattern, that no matter where i was, the kite always flew over the m.i. hooch
and though the earstwhile censors never cought it, my peers understood the message quite clearly-------military intelligence, and censorship suck

it ain't a real dick, it's just a fugging statue ferchrisesake
I simply do not understand why some morons claim to find figurative sculpture offensive but suspect that it has something to do with masturbatory guilt.

whither hence?
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