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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Back to this interesting topic. Here is another recent event, also in the US. And the unhappiness concerns a bare all sculpture of Adam placed at the front entrance of an art center.

Angry artist withdraws nude sculpture from St. Charles show

A sculpture known as "The Creation of Adam" has been pulled out of the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles by St. Louis artist Philip Hitchcock because of what he calls "vigilante censorship" and the "systematic defacement" of his work.

Hitchcock said he should have known something was up when he called the center to ask how things were going and was told by a worker "they were having a wedding at the center and 'I had to cover up his private parts.' [snip, the text, not his private parts]

His sculpture, including a detailed depiction of Adam's not-so-private part, had been placed at the front of the Foundry Art Centre and "when you walked in the door it was in your face," said Joyce Rosen, executive director of the center.

Shortly after Hitchcock put Adam on display "someone draped a tablecloth" over his genitals, Rosen said. She took that off, and then someone else put some sort of synthetic flower on the sculpture.

As we all know, artists can be a bit temperamental about their work. [snip]

Click here for the full news article.

I note a different issue. Here the artist seems to have based his apparently life-size sculpture of Adam heavily on Michaelangelo's painting of Adam, and displays it publically. What do you think of what he has done ?

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