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Re: Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth Statue - Monument to Pro-Life

Originally Posted by fritchie
Not a bad sculpture, but a bit silly in my opinion. She's supported only by her knees and the hands loosely holding the bearskin ears. The image is of the clay; no time for casting because the purpose is newsworthiness and not art.

Obviously, we are in for a long ride with imagery of all sorts catching the crowd's attention. The artist benefits, the salesperson benefits, an attached promotional group benefits in this case, the medium or media benefit, ... . [snip]
Not that I would do it myself, apparently attracting publicity is the name of the game, isn't it?

The sculpture has not yet been shown to the public. There is still one month to go. And already there are more than 300 news website around the world reporting on this sculpture.

To Britney, this extra publicity is perhaps insignificant. But because of this sculpture, so many more people all over the world will have heard of the sculptor Daniel Edwards, the art gallery Capla Kesting and the organization Pro-Life.

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