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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Originally Posted by Merlion
Ha, ha! Here is another piece of news about controversy over public nude art in a shop window. This is in San Francisco, and the artwork is a beautifully done male nude torso sculpture. There is even a video on it.
Boy, oh Boy. There is a further news report about this nude sculpture in a shop window in Castro, San Francisco. The shop owner decided to remove the modesty loin cloth thus revealing everything.

Merchant exposes statue's penis

Santa Claus is coming early for lovers of artwork with engorged penises. As of today (Thursday, December 8), a Castro merchant plans to disrobe a teak statue and allow passersby to once again view a now world famous 8-inch penis on the chiseled, naked kneeling man in his store window.

In October, police officers responding to complaints informed the storeowner that he had to cover up the penis on the Balinese statue which functions as a tabletop holder because it was pornographic and violated city codes. The merchant complied by draping a blue loincloth over the statue's genitals but felt his rights had been violated.

Full report with bare all photo here. I post this as is, and would not comment nor debate on whether this taken as a whole is good art.

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