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I wrote this paragraph a year ago in an e-mail conversation I was having with a painter friend about the nature of creation.
Creation? I wonder. Do you think maybe those guys back in the renaissance created the way we see the world now? By inventing perspective they gave us a new way to draw—we know that—but maybe they did a lot more than that; maybe they gave us a new way to see. We really have no idea how man—let’s say an ancient Egyptian—experienced the world. If we look at his art, and think about it, we are perhaps forced to assume that he saw the world that way. So it could be that you are inventing a new way for human beings to see the world. And that the artists and the writers and the musicians are the true engines of the future, and not the politicians and the soldiers and the businessmen, whose primary job, like dumbbells in a gym, may simply be to provide the resistance necessary for the muscles of creation to grow strong enough to shift the world.
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