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Space -space relationship or Invisible Sculpture

SPACE - SPACE RELATIONSHIP or invisible sculpture

Even thought he did not designate it, Claes Oldenburg did a mass-mass relationship sculpture in New York's Central Park in the mid-1960's. Oldenburg had workmen dig a 6-foot by 6-foot cube out of the earth and then had it filled back immediately with the same dirt that had been removed. Disturbed earth within undisturbed earth.

At the time this activity was called an "Art Happening" Actually what took place was the first documented mass-mass relationship sculpture. Disturbed earth within a well-defined 6 foot cube --- one cannot see it (invisible) but it is there to this very day.

Now where do we go from here? How about the other end of this spectrum, a space-space relationship, also a sculpture that could not be seen but only perceived by feeling (invisible). Several years ago I constructed two main devices that blew air into forms that could be felt, not seen. One could feel the form and the defining edges of disturbed and sometimes heated air blown into a still atmosphere.

What the hell was that about? People only saw the machines and never really got the idea of a space-space relationship. We are so visual!
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