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Re: No, it wasn't a welcome

Sorry to hear that, but as with all things. Whether beer, cars, trucks, women , men, NASCAR car drivers, or brands of whiskey. Taste can be all in ones mouth so to speak.

And as they say opinions, like with solid waste elimination holes on the body most people have one!

I enjoy sculpture, but I will be the first to admit that I have a limited range of styles, materials and methods that move me or generate some emotions. And after all that is what is what it is about.
I too don't remember any photo's, you might have linked to them. I don't link to off forum pic's If they don't open in the thread post, I won't see them.

If I am not interested in the piece I will not comment on it. As others have said no matter what and how you say something. It will be more likely misread, misconstrued, and have their feeling and pride hurt.

This forum along with most others on the net in the last year or so have had traffic slow to a crawl or stop. This forum was never really known as one that had a large community of active looking art lovers/buyers. Mostly a tech site for artists to kick around ideas, and knowledge.

Which it has with abandon, having been a moderator on a metal artist forum along with a welding forum. I learned very fast, better left unsaid then point out something that may move the piece from the mundane to a higher level. Most times it is more of a tech level but people still don't like being told the negatives.

And any piece that requires a manifesto,or page after page of BS of why the artist did it or their vision. Is suspect, since a piece of art should make a statement, when first seen that can be felt! Contemplating deeper meaning can come later.

Since you appear to be leaving the forum, hope you find what you are looking for
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