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Re: No, it wasn't a welcome

Hello Robson Valley,
I am sorry that you did not get the response you were hoping for and wish you all the best in your future working in sculpture. Careers like art, writing, acting, and music, among others require a bit of thick skin if we are to go through what it takes to find our true niche and succeed.
Consider what you do, be aware of what kinds of work others do, always strive to improve and do your utmost best, and never give up. You will find your true self and achieve your goal.

Originally Posted by Robson Valley View Post
I have seen that constructive encouragement here is a very elusive thing to hope for. Even after I learned how to post pictures of my carvings, many members here made me feel threatened to pee on the tree of elegant sucksess.
You won't miss me when I'm gone.
Treat future newcomers with the same respect.
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