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Re: Sec. of Arts petition

Originally Posted by Ries View Post
Oh, and Glenn- you are really going off the deep end, with that "government in schools" thing- before the US instituted government schooling, most people were illiterate. It wasnt a choice of government schools or private schools, it was government schools, or NO schools, and child labor.

The US public schools made us the country we are today.
Where did you get this notion? The literacy rate among white americans in 1840 was 97%, which is much higher than current rates. Did you ever read the letters written during the civil war by it's common soliders? Far more eloquent than today, even prior to text messaging.

Use your federally mandated education to read carefully, please. I was not addressing public schools per se, but FEDERAL control of schools. I did not mean that point to be so subtle as to escape notice. Before the mid-20th century we were working with state directed public schools with no federal involvement.

Now that perhaps that has been cleared up, I can respond to the rest of the post. The "ArtGod" role is hilarious. Thanks for sharing that.

Can you further explain what a "coherent national arts policy" would be? I know the Soviet Union had something like that, which was good and bad. It was a good way to keep alive the tradition and good training of figurative art and impressionist use of color. It was bad in that the end product was directed towards producing government-sponsored propoganda. But of course, that could never happen here, since our good intentions and benevolence would prevent it.
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