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Re: Sec. of Arts petition

Originally Posted by grommet;71586If I was supportive of a dog-eat-dog world I'd go with Glenn. The church folk know all about manipulating things, so your concerns about an all [B
inclusive[/b] government making agencies to help people function is just... funny.
My vison is for a man-help-man world, not a dog-eat-dog world. My world vision also has corrective lenses to account for human imperfection. So, if I acknowledge that "church folk" know how to manipulate things, I don't just make a negative stereotype about "the church", I also acknowledge that they do much good, and so I encourage and support such efforts. A huge difference is that the work and involvement with a church is entirely voluntary, whereas the government has the power of law and force of arms to compell behavior. So, if you don't like what a particular church is doing, leave it and go to another or none. If you don't like what the government is doing, leave Europe and start an new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition...oh yeah, we did that!

Likewise, despite the attempt of anatomist1 to make it seem as though I think of government as "evil", I actually analyze what is good and what is bad about the way government runs and react accordingly. Just like a church, the government is composed of people. Some people want to serve, others want to be served. Some people, when given power, either from church or state, use that power to further an agenda which may be entirely or mostly positive. Others use that power to manipulate and control people, or to enrich themselves.

I don't see the level of education in America having improved since the federal government took it upon themselves to serve that role. It would be instructive to compare what a highschool graduate needed to know 100 years or more ago versus today.

Most private schools, operating on a fraction of the public school budgets, have students who not only kick ass on test scores compared to public schools, but learn to problem solve and consider issues free from the ever-increasing indoctrination of "politically-correct" thinking that gets rammed into the curricula.

Liberalism, which seems to be what we are dealing with here, appeals to the emotions because of its "good intentions". So, start another government program based on good intentions, and it will continue to grow and evolve and become its own self-sustaining entity with little accountability for results. I prefer to go with what works.

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