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Re: Sec. of Arts petition

The core of my arguement has absolutely nothing to do with what I like or don't like in art. Most of those side issues were added for fun and color to this dull topic.

My issue is based on the idea of limiting the role of the federal government to the most basic elements as delineated back in the founding days of this country. What set this nation apart from all others in human history was the concept of limited government, whose main role was to protect and defend the rights of its citizens to pursue their dreams, learning from their failures or reaping the benefits of their success. And it was not a cold-hearted activity, as many charitable organizations, mostly but not all church sponsored, filled the gaps to help back on their feet (rather than to keep them dependant) those in need.

My issue is not to say, "Tom and Mary are getting a big slice of the pie, so I think I should get some too, especially since I just want an itsy bit of it."
My issue is rather to say " Eat your vegetables and bake your own pie if you want some. You'll grow stronger."

The side issue, away from the general principle of over-reaching government, is the cultural one. I would be interested to hear other people's opinions about who they think would make a great secretary of the arts, what that person's job should be, how much support staff should they need, how large of a budget, and what sort of oversight and review to see that the money is well spent. (How would that even be determined?) As a compromise position, I would definitely be willing to ceed a secretary of arts position if we eliminated the secretary of education position and put schools under more local control.
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