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Re: Challenging sculptures on Western Attitudes on Islam


As individual muslims that I have personally known, including two who are on my soccer team, they are great and kind people who I would defend against any personal attacks. As a group of people, 1/5 the population as you say, there are some very serious issues that they need to resolve within their own camp so that the fanatical elements do not appear as the mainstream. With that much manpower as a group, you would think that a public show of outrage against the attrocities committed in the name of Islam could bring sufficient pressure to bear to help put a stop to it. Instead, the energies of outrage are expended upon percieved insults to their faith. What greater insult to their faith can be committed than to claim that a God of love and peace wills the murder of innocent life on the basis of a non-belief in their particular brand of dogma, or that an omnipowerful God needs a group of idiot-for-brains fanatics to avenge insults by committing murder. As though the God they believe in is diminished by the opinions of people.

That mindset is what I do not respect, not the sweet individuals who are just trying to live their lives as best they know how guided by their faith and its sincere resonance in loving hearts. The true jihad is a battle with ones inner demons, not an outer battle with "non-believers." The morons who want to kill that which does not conform to their ideology have never understood or had the courage to face the inner jihad.
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