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Re: Challenging sculptures on Western Attitudes on Islam

I have to say I'm not quite sure where I stand on all this myself.

As one of the forum's moderators, I try mainly to keep the peace here and refrain from posting opinions on matters other than art, but I do think it's fair to say many people here are making the same mistake that is characteristic of all group-baiting and that is painting the whole group with one brush. That's simply unfair to individuals in the group under attack who may be intimidated from disagreeing, or who simply may not have the means, Internet in this case, to express different opinions.

It's just what I have said elsewhere about the new approach I think Barack Obama is bringing to U. S. national politics - getting away from the idea that one sheet covers every American with a share of African blood.

Let's try to look at Muslims as roughly a fifth, if I remember, of the world population, somewhere around a billion people, with widely varied cultural backgrounds and widely varying outlooks on all aspects on life, including it's sanctity.
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