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Re: Challenging sculptures on Western Attitudes on Islam

Ok. Let me do some detective work on this matter.

There is a Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery in Wales, UK. This is its homepage. Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery

I've already searched for info about the artist David Garner and his artworks.

The display is, as mentioned in post #1, supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

The words "powerful and challanging" are mentioned in the first link I posted. I cannot say whether these artworks evoke strong emotions as I am not a Muslim. I suppose for some, the Guantanamo camp uniform inside a cage, the poppy plannts taped to a soldier's helmet really do.

In the same way, seeing an erect penis on a statue may mean and feel nothing to some people, but when this is on the statue of Jesus, for some they do.

By the way, although I also used the work challenging in post #1, but read carefully what I said. What I said is, "It is undoubtedly challenging to have a good exhibition using "sculpture to explore Western attitudes towards Islam.""

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