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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

For what its worth I donít draw either, but did 20 years ago when learning and exploring realism, and feel that it jumped the curve up for me in realism to be honest.
Now I do not draw at all, donít even have a sketch pad. I go straight to the canvas or metal and begin creating because preplanning a piece plans out the creativity and spontaneity which drops the energy levels. (important in non-objective art, though not as much in realism)

As an artist Iím confident enough to make a piece work whether it started with a specific idea or not. If I run into problems mid-stream the piece gets photographed and put it into photoshop and any problems it may have developed are worked out there. This is a very effective approach with non-objective art and many artists I know do it regularly and even critique work that way over the net.

At this stage of the game - expanding my artistic understanding of art history is critical to being able to cross over the line from doing what has been done to doing that which is utterly unique and fresh.
Last week I spent hours with 300 Picassoís (a retrospective) and yesterday with 27 Rothkoís (a retrospective) and Nam June Paik (an important Korean Avante Garde sculpture who had to make it in New York before he was accepted in his homeland). Four years ago I spent 3 months in 11 countries of Europe touring all the great master artists, sculptors and architectural works.
What was learned, saw, felt and absorbed first hand can not be expressed effectively in words but that knowledge will be expressed in art, becoming multi lingual in art is anything but a hindrance. The more you know the more you are empowered to break free and speak uniquely with a fresh voice.

Anatomist1, Folk, Outsider, art naive, primitive et all - Yes. Of course.
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