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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

Originally Posted by ironman
Hi Chasab, I have to laugh at what you said to me, But in this day and age I find it incredible that this discussion is even taking place. Of course, you're right, I could just not open this thread, but it's CATNIP!
Catnip eh! Good analogy . . .

My take on the whole deal boils down to: There's just not an easy answer, and while we may be batting around semantics, there can still be a lot of value in this type of discussion.

MountainSong probably put it well:

Iím with Ironman here. Discussions about which is better realism or abstractionism are just irritating. It begs a person to choose one or the other. *rollseyes*

Every genre has something to offer, fauvism, impressionism, cubism, abstractionism, Dadaism and on and on.
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