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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

I think it's fascinating that Anatomist doesn't draw, in yet is adept at sculpture. I personally don't know of any sculptor that doesn't draw so it is intriqueing to me. Another thread could be made on the topic of "Are good drawing skills necessary to be a fantastic sculptor?"

Most artists(that I know) have had an interest in art since they were young and this usually means that color crayons, finger painting, and learning to sketch was their first kind of art and then they grew up and branched out from there.

But perhaps Anatomist started his interest in art in a different way or later in life and learned to "draw" in 3D. Even though he says he can't draw, I bet if push came to shove, he could draw something awesome because he's learned all about line and form sculpture.

(I think it's better to ask questions than make put down statements. Can we keep the forum on a courteous level for the benefit of all? Just my personal taste. )
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