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Re: Marc Quinn's foetus sculptures

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
Well I guess under the modern definition "process" can be considered any damned activity that somehow eventually aids in the production of the art: talking on the phone, crunching numbers, shaking hands, wining and dining...sounds like all the write-offs of a corporate bigwig. Yeah, some something that is referred to as Art eventually arrives, but these guys can't fool everyone.

I am for everything modern and do not believe in discounting anything that brings about a real piece of Art, but these Quinn types are just movie producers - enabling whims by accumulating influence and connections. There will be a point where the museum experience might feel like the amusement park. We "in the know" must simply ignore all this kind of contemporary nonsense so as not to be distracted from the "work" that makes the things that emerge beneath our HANDS so very special.

Personally I don’t believe that “these guys” are art charlatans. I think they have great talent – including having the head and stomach to deal with all the pressure of producing volumes of interesting and/or relevant work (to me - some good…some not so much). The idea that their success resides in so much moustache twirling and greedy hand wringing as they “sell out” in darken corporate conference rooms smoking cigars lit with $100 dollar bills - does not do their talent justice. Take away all the celebrity and money and you still have artists. That’s good enough for me. I envy their exposure but not their “success”. Museums and galleries have already fully embraced the field as an extension of the entertainment industry (ie blockbuster shows) – we should expect a few “Britneys” and “Jackos” – as well as a number of Bruce Springsteens, Neil Youngs, and Paul Simons. Success at a corporate level should not automatically invalidate one’s skills or sincerity. With Quinn, Hirst, Koons…we are not talking about “Pop in the pan” success! They have sustained careers in the field long enough to earn a fair shake regardless of how they manifest their artistic process.


Thats an additional two cents - I've invested nearly a nickel already!
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