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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Here is a very interesting news story on public display of nude art from the Philippines.

Statue causes stir in Davao

"EVERY-one's naked in the eyes of God--but a replica of Michelangelo's naked statue of David, which was built near a motel here has been causing uproar for several weeks already.

"First it was a debate between morality and a work of art, reminiscent of the century when Italian sculptor Michelangelo Buonarotti first came up with his masterpiece in Florence, Italy.

"Councilor Angela Librado-Trinidad said she could not have raised a howl if the statue was built somewhere else, not near a motel.

"She said this would send a wrong signal to the public, and teach wrong values to the children.

"Later, officials changed the issue to the legality of the statue saying it was built on land owned by the city government.

"After weeks of threatening to demolish the structure, however, officials are now saying they are open to a compromise, probably putting a pair of pants on the statue, or underwear, or the classic fig leaf.

"Vice Mayor Luis Bonguyan said in jest he was disappointed by the statue's size, which is rather small, referring to the private parts that generated the strongest public reactions here.

"Gazing at David's statue from the shade where his taxicab is parked, Romeo Salazar, a driver, said he could not see anything wrong with it.

"It just looks like my own body," he said, without a trace of malice on his face. [snip]"

More details in

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