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Re: People who don't follow instructions..

Originally Posted by Ryder View Post
Nice find. I noticed how the cleaned up version looks so much gentler and warmer. Beware the oven cleaner it can cause irreversible eye damage.
Yeah it is, interesting thing is that it's low relief and unless it's illuminated from an angle it's features and fine details are difficult to see well. On reproductions they can be highlighted so that's not an issue.
To make a mold of it it will need to be lacquered, but when I go to remove that hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of that white paint out, it doesn't show much in the photo but up close in person there's a lot of it left still.

Oh yeah I know about oven cleaner/eyes, I never use oven cleaner in my oven- the fumes from spraying that stuff are super wicked!
In the past I've bought powdered lye I think from Bryant Supply to mix with water to soak cast iron and the like in, it works extremely well. It works well on terracotta as well but if the terracotta isn't soaked in water for a while first, the lye/water solution soaks in and later on as it dries out it bleeds out this white powdery lie on the surface that's almost like snow flakes and it takes a lot of rinsing and soaking to finally get rid of that.

The powdered lye is a lot better all around, you don't get those fumes aerosoled into the air like you do spraying oven cleaner.
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