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Re: People who don't follow instructions..

Originally Posted by GarryRicketson View Post
Hope it arrives, in one piece,..sounds like a headache,let us know.
It did in fact arrive in great shape, and sure enough as I predicted- he called! He called two hours after it was delivered, I was in fact right in the middle of paying my water bill.

Now that I have it cleaned up- a real chore in itself, it had some residue of white oil based paint on it that had soaked into the pores and tiny cracks in the surface, it withstood everything I threw at it- two different paint removers applied multiple times, and even covered for hours with plastic, muriatic acid, soap and scrub brush, what finally got it off was two applications of oven cleaner (has lye in it) and a brass wire brush;



And the 1891 photo from the "Times" of Sarah, along with another, it's a dead ringer for this sculpture:

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