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Re: People who don't follow instructions..

The guy finally got the package shipped, from the Kinkos/Fedex store, so it's on it's way.
Sure enough as I figured he did contact me again afterwards, this time to suggest I could save it from being loaded on another truck if I went to the FedEx terminal and picked it up if it was near me...
This guy is worse than someone who just adopted out his firstborn son to a new family or something! I had to write back and explain that the nearest terminal to me is over 2 hours drive one way away and I'm not even sure it's open to the public in the way he thinks, it is not even listed in any business or street addressing, I only know packages I ship always wind up in that city for a stopover, must be a regional hub of some kind.

Anyway, I'm going to drive over 4 hours to pick up a shipment I already paid for to be delivered!

Who wants to take bets he calls me within an hour of the tracking showing the package was delivered? I'm betting he calls me no later than 15 minutes. It's supposed to arrive Tuesday.
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