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People who don't follow instructions..

Don't you just love this type?

I saw an architectural sculpture I wanted and sent the seller an email thru the Ebay system, asking if he could do any better on the $975 price (since he had the piece up since at least last June) he wrote back asking me to call, for several reasons I really dislike these kinds of sellers who want people to call.
Ok, so after two days of playing phone message tag we finally connect, he gives me his best price offer, I pay the man with Paypal.

Since his auction was local pickup only I said I would have a third part pack and ship firm come get the item and do the packing and shipping, then he said there was a UPSstore a block from his residence there in San Francisco and that he could take the piece there and get an estimate and let me know.

So I wrote back, no need to do that, I've dealth with this franchise before and know what the approx packing fee will be for this. Meanwhile I sent that store an email cc'd to the seller letting them know to expect the guy, what services I needed, shipping address etc etc.
I said just drop it off there and they will handle all of the pack and ship details.

The guy takes it there and then he asked about insurance coverage and learned UPS won't insure antiques for damage or breakage, so he lugged the piece back home and calls, but I didn't hear the fone so it went to voice mail, a few phone tags later we connect and we go around and around about it, I briefly mentioned I could send a wood crate and just have Fedex pick it up, but they don't insure an antique if it gets broken.
So then he said he also does woodworking, so he could package it up and take it to the post office, turned out he took it there too after leaving the UPS store and learned the pastage would be $95 and they WILL insure as an antique.

So I said are you SURE about your packing skills? to pack this properly? I reminded him that once he "contracts" to do packing of something like this, if it DOES get broken and the carrier decided the packing was not up to their standards, they will deny a claim and it would be on HIS head.

I tell him I had originally contacted a moving, crating, paletizing, packing and shipping firm near him who also picks up, so he said that sounds good and he said he could drop it off there as it was only a 15 minute trip, ok, that sounds fine and it's out of his hair and this firm is in the packing, moving and crating business, it's about as good as you will find for something like this.
I told him I'd email the firm and give them all the info, all he has to do is just drop the piece off there and let them deal with it.

So I emailed this firm last night and gave them all the details, size, weight, etc etc and to expect this guy with it at 9 AM this morning
Ok, so we're all set, right? nope! he calls and says he went to the firm this morning but asked about the insurance coverage (WHY!!!!!!!??????) and he said they told him the same thing, that is it breaks in half in shipping it's not covered, so NOW he decided to package it up himself and send it by the post office so it's insured if it gets broken in half (no idea why he is so concerned about it breaking in half, this is 4" thick, it's NOT going to break in half, in any case it's MY problem and the carrier's problem)

He said if I wanted him to take it back there he would, or he can ship it by the post office.

Anyway, I said FINE, however you want to do it is fine with me, go ahead and ship it via the post office then if you are SURE of your packing skills, they can still come back and say his packing was not suffificent and deny any claim.

Gawd, people just cannot follow simple directions and feel they have to micro-manage your decisions over matters that have nothing to do with them, I said just drop it off and let them deal with all this.
I guess we'll see how this goes when it arrives, I'm half expecting him to call again and say he left it at that packing moving and shipping place after figuring out how long it will take to pack this up and how much of a chore it is, we'll see.

Now for an update... he packed it up, took him 3 hours and he weighed it and found it was 80# total, which is 10# over what the post office will take, so he calls and says there's a Kinkos nearby, so I told him to go ahead and use them/FedEx ground. SO I found the store and sent them an email with my address and info and they called me back 5 minutes later saying theres a 70# limit on residential delivery, WHAT??? I ship stuff up to 130 or more pounds via FedEx ground to residences I don't know what he's talking about! So I said you can ship it to my workplace that has a loading dock and that the guy will show up in a few minutes with the package (he did)

He had to get my address again from me and then I told him the address of my work place and he had to ask how to spell "Illinois" and this is a question from an airline pilot?
So I said I already talked to the guy there at the store and gave him my work address, now waiting for him to call back with the hopefully FINAL detail that it's on it's way.

Here's the piece:

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