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Originally Posted by KatyL View Post
Is this really a bad thing?

Sorry I am so opinionated. I kind of like the idea of less art schools. I'd like to see a lot less insufferable academics, and a lot more "shoulder to the grindstone"-type artists.
Yay….another post that points a finger at “the institution” because of a personal dislike for contemporary art. It is one thing to have an opinion and another to have an informed opinion. You appear to have the former.

The image you paint of the “insufferable academic” is both laughable and fictional.
It is a shame that you feel the need to support any substantive criticisms you might have with unfounded slander. I’ve been teaching for many years and am colleagues with a lot of fine (and young) instructors and professors who teach sculpture. I have yet to meet a single one who was not adequately familiar with mold making and figurative sculpture modeling (among MANY other traditional practices). That said, I know tons from the generation you laude who have never lifted a finger to learn the basics of CAD modeling and even more who are unaware of the shift in both teaching and contemporary studio practices to encourage media inclusiveness in art (really, since the 1950s.)

It DOES take more than a degree from the school of hard knocks and diploma from nose-to-the-grind-stone U. Visual culture, the structure of education and sculpture as a field has changed. You may have to accept that if you expect to participate.

Did you read the thread starter? The OP was pleading for a school to KEEP a facility that supports traditional practices and encourages a strong sense for community through a labor-intensive process. Based on your post – I’d of guessed you’d agree that keeping the foundry was a GOOD thing.

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