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Re: Cultural Gothic- Paul McCarthy

Asking uncomfortable questions is one of the roles of an artist? I thought that was the role of comedians and clowns.

Next time you are at a party, feel free to announce that you are an artist, and then ask, " Anyone here beat their wife lately?" ( Hey, don't look at me like that, it's the role I have chosen as an artist to ask these things! )

Beastiality is not an uncomfortable question, it is a sickness.
An uncomfortable question is, " Have you been putting on weight?"
( answer: no, just got pregnant from last month's fling with a kangaroo! )

Again, I point to the fact that because people murder people, this is not a good reason to say that rape is not so bad. Likewise, because animals are abused in many ways that are more horrific than thru beastiality, that does not make beastiality less of a crime. ( except in Sweden )

If McCarthy's work is just like thousands of others throughout history, then a front yard plastic Santa Claus is just like the the Venus de Milo. But I think we are looking at different history books. Mine have art in them.