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KOONS STAINLESS COLOR Re: Does anyone know what the colored Finnish

Does anyone now know the ~EXACT process and materials used by Carlson for Koons outdoor sculptures like Balloon Dog? Or since so much time has passed, and other artists are doing this, the most recent, best processes/materials for transparent/colored outdoor stainless? Especially the preparation before painting?

Or a contact at the reborn(?) Carlson Arts that might be willing to share?

I have a 316 Alloy stainless steel figure that I need some transparent spot color (pants, buttons, goggle lenses). One cast will be outdoor near the the beach so I really want the materials and prep to provide the best longevity.

I have tested the look using the process below. It's essentially an automotive Kandy paint job but instead of a silvery base, the stainless does that function. It worked well from an aesthetic perspective, but I'm not sure if I have the best paints, prep and process. I'll get real specific .

I'd really appreciate your inputs.




1. Blast:
- glass bead blast (since the sculpture will all not be polished, I prefer to start with glass beaded, vs grit blasted)

2. Sand:
- 80 grit, then 120, then 240

3. Polish:
- with pleated, stitched buffing wheel and solid polishing compound eg abulustre brand

4. Clean with paint reducer or Bulldog brand spray adhesion promotor. Wipe with tack cloth.

5. Transparent Paint Base color with automotive Polyurethane Candy (e.g. House of Kolor's Pagan Gold concentrate: kk12 mixed into VOC Matrix clearcoat MSV-21q with MHV-21 F/N/S hardener.
- About 6 coats to desired color

6. Two Coats of Catalyzed Clear immediately:
VOC Matrix clearcoat MSV-21q with MHV-21 F/N/S hardener.

ANOTHER SUGGESTED VARIANT of STEP 5 (but I am concerned about whether this will last as long.): Mix the candy color into a 1:1 transparent base (Matrix MT-96 LV) / Reducer (Matrix Advantage 116v). So this is not catalyzed and can be saved/used later.

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