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Re: Marc Quinn's foetus sculptures

Right or wrong is definitely is simply judged, as it should be, by each single individual; and hopefully even flip-flops as the progressing assessments of that individual change.

No milestones achieved, auction prices, exhibit histories or continued or persevering presence in the noted fronts of the "ART scene" should be considered a validator or authenticator. You cannot fool the artist in the mirror. A growing understanding of what Art actually-is will provide an artist with a greater and greater ability to be honest with himself about just WHAT he is doing and what he is making. Money is easy, ideas are easy, survival is easy, pleasing people is easy, and raking-in accolades is easy...but, advacement through your medium is hard, being able to bring about a thing that could never, ever come from the hands of another - or even a group of others - is very hard, finding and remaining on the path that is right for YOU is very, very hard. And you will only know your path by the bread-crumbs you yourself have tossed up-ahead of you. Everyone elses crumbs take you the wrong way.

I dont mean all this to sound heavy-handed - the typer makes it look like that. Its just my ideals about things at the moment which are, of course, subject to change (but I doubt I'll be heading off to the chrome-dipping facility any time soon).
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