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Marc Quinn's foetus sculptures

They will be on show in London from Jan 25 to Feb 24, 2008. There are more pictures in the link below.

The womb with a view: Artist's amazing foetus sculptures

24 Jan 2007. Marc Quinn last amazed the public by placing a giant pregnant disabled woman on the Fourth Plinth of Trafalgar Square.

Now he is looking at pregnancy from the inside with nine large sculptures depicting the development of a foetus from 22 days to just before birth.

They have been carved in a pink marble whose mottling conveys the fine veins below the growing child's skin.

They go on display at the White Cube Mason's Yard gallery, St James's, tomorrow in Quinn's first exhibition in the capital since 2005.

Quinn was inspired partly by Slaves, sculptures by the Renaissance master Michelangelo, in which bodies almost fight their way out of rough-hewn rock.

But the five-ton sculptures, made of marble quarried from the Spanish-Portuguese border, were also prompted by witnessing the way viewers reacted with repulsion to Alison Lapper, the Trafalgar Square model, and to his series of figurative sculptures depicting people missing arms and legs. ...

The embryo sequence is being sold as a whole under the title Evolution. The show runs until 23 February.

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