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Re: Scuplture in Tokyo/Japan


Are you at Todai for a semester? Great campus...

Tokyo Art Beat ( is probably the best way to check out what is showing at any point in time. The site includes directions to venue, galleries and museums in proximity, etc...

There`s a lot going on in Ueno now. Beginning 11/22, I`m showing in Ueno`s Sakuragicho neighborhood with the rest of the wood sculpture department at Geidai (Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts and Music) at the studio and home of the late Hiragushi Denchu, who was probably the best known 20th century Japanese sculptor, and was still carving after 100. He died at 108 about 15 years ago.

Information on the show is at

Also, while the weather is still good, you should absolutely make the Kamakura. There is a lot of great period work scattered about, and a small contemporary museum as well. But the real treat for sculptors is the huge Daibutsu. Originally housed in a temple that was washed away in a tsunami, the 13 meter cast bronze is much nicer outside. The real treat for sculptors is that for 20 yen (cheap!), you can go inside the piece. From the interior, you can clearly see the cut off gating, venting and the seams of the cast parts. It`s very cool to be inside a piece of cast bronze that size and to be able to get a real sense of how it was made.

Bill Wolff
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