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Re: Scuplture in Tokyo/Japan

Bill, Yanaka is my favorite place to stay when I visit Toyko- I have stayed a couple times in a hotel right near Sendagi Station, and its a great neighborhood, not touristy at all. I love the little window that opens up, and the lady sells skewers of grilled chicken for 100 yen- my kids and I could never walk by without buying a few.
You are lucky to be living there.

I have also stayed over in Minowa, which was interesting to me as a metalworker- I stayed in a totally groovy modern little hotel called Andon that is like a tiny erector set/Bladerunner sci-fi box dropped into a single house lot in a regular Tokyo neighborhood- it has won some architecture awards, I think.
But the neighborhood itself, Minowa, is full of little machine shops, fab shops, printers, cabinetmakers, framing shops, hardware stores, work clothes stores, and all the normal industrial stuff you sure dont see in Ginza.
Its fun to see the garage door rolled up, and, in a space that here in the USA would barely fit a compact car, see a guy running a CNC lathe all day, making thousands of precise parts.
I would just wander around, seeing how things are made on a small scale by hundreds of co-operative businesses that work synergistically together. Nobody has much room, most of em park the forklift inside on the only patch of open floor space each night, and have to put it out on the sidewalk to work the next day.
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