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Re: 42-ft Equestrian Statue at El Paso

This huge bronze statue was first named Oņate, then The Equestrian. Now it may take back the originate name again. This was triggered by discussions to make a plaque.

Council may return Oņate's name to statue


The towering figure of the anonymous conquistador at El Paso International Airport, redubbed The Equestrian, may get his original name back.

At today's City Council meeting, three city representatives who don't like the statue agreed that renaming it after Don Juan de Oņate would be a good idea. .....

That suggestion came .....during a discussion of a proposed resolution to approve of plaques recognizing the donors who contributed to the project and naming the members of City Council who were in office when the statue went up last year.....

Mayor John Cook said the question of whether the statue will be named The Equestrian or after Oņate will have to be decided later.....
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