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Re: Bronze Clay?

Thats a great idea fused - i have traded for castings, I have also sold work for the price of two castings so I would have one to sell, this way the collector is getting a great deal and I am also able to sell one. sometimes I also put a price on work like 5,000 plus casting cost and I have the client pay the foundry direct this way they are not shocked when confronted with a huge amount. One of a kind wax is a really great way to go also. I like sculpting wax in hot water then freezing it so I can sand and make hard edges. Also Try mineral spirits with drywall paper. Tamara the process is not being used right now as far as I know but you may want to try and contact the person on this link and see if anyone is working on it. Tell her you are an artist and talked to me and could she send you a more detailed look at it all. Who knows maybe she will send you everything.
good luck

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