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Re: Bronze Clay?

Hi Reka -sounds crazy but true and yes it does just sit and wait. mind you it is surrounded by a dense powder that helps hold it up wile it is brought to temperature. Thats the beauty of it. think on it for a wile check out the links I gave above. This is the process of the future of bronze and I cant wait to see what people will do with it, its beyond imagination. Glass, Stainless,bronze and who knows, maybe something altogether new. I plan on putting it in hands of artists to see what can be done. It is a dream you know, to sculpt bronze and have it come out exactly the way you like. I have sculpted my whole life and i have never seen anything like it. Its beautiful,simple and clean. If you scroll up you can read about others that used the pilato process and were very pleased. So jump on man its a crazy ride and maybe it will be you who shows us all something fresh- never seen before. You can weld plus patina and i bet if you were to see a piece done by this method you would say "dam thats a good cast". So say you have your rubber mold and you pour this material in the same way you would a wax, then after it has cooled you take out and clean seam line and here the kicker you sculpt the bronze, find deeper undercuts clean edges and create new forms, then to the kiln were the magic happens and wala a finished bronze- no cups -no vents- no shrinkage -no sand or foreign material- I could go on and on. Again sorry about spelling I am dyslexic so this stuff take me a little longer then most.
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