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I actually really prefer the forum format to FB for chatting about art.

I've been gone for a while now, but I was pretty open to posting pictures and commenting on others work (IMO). It just got tedious defending the multitude of styles, intent, materials, education, that are possible in art/sculpture against bitter attacks by those with stricter definitions of what THEY count as art. Those "arguments" always ended a dismissal of anything but the personal tastes of a few stubborn - but vocal - members.

Honestly, I never understood what they took away from a "forum" style discussion if they weren't open to different views?

It could be a great place if the numbers grew again. A cacophony of inclusion and support to drown out the naysayers.

I also agree with some who have pointed out how non-intuitive it is to post pictures. That certainly makes FB more appealing.
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