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Originally Posted by mantrid View Post
I think forums are generally on their way out in favour of things like facebook.
To be honest I dont think your new forum will fair any better.
This forum is similar to what you are wanting to start

But it is even deader than this one
Ive been on that forum, the owner had always seemed to just let it run itself with little day to day interaction, setting up a forum and just walking away from it doesn't work well.
That forum is basically geared for and even named with figure sculptors as the target audience, I consider that an advanced professional level that eliminates a large segment of potential participants. It's like having a forum for collectors of only red Chevy pickups made in June of 1994

Facebook's entire layout sucks, it's a real pain to navigate, forum software is real clean, easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to attach photos, videos etc.
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