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Re: CV writing for new artists

Basically a CV if a means of selling yourself, it's a way of presenting what you can do in a from which can be read and digested in a few minutes.

If you're self taught summarise the process you went through, did you learn by working with other artists, experimentation on your own, reading books, courses...

What are you aiming to achive both artistically and professionally?

Do you have a well defined style or do you experiment a lot ?

What sort of work do you produce at the moment...quantity, scale, materials, content, inspiration etc etc ?

What are your professional goals ?

What skills do you have ? As well as technical art skills the ability to write, run workshops, project manage etc are all relevenat to a professional artist.

The simple fact of being able to put together a concise, informative and well laid out CV can tell a potential client/employer/gallery a lot about you.

also bear in mind that a gallery is a business and being able to demonstrate that you are reasonably well organised, motivated and generally together is likely to be a big selling point.

It's often very useful when writing a CV to take a mental step back and see yourself from the point of view of a complete stranger...what are they key defining points about you as a person, an artist and a professional that you want to get across.

It may also be useful to come up with a few different CVs for different audiences, you might want to put a differnt CV on your website, say, to the one you give out to galleries

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