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Re: CV writing for new artists

While Tobias' "CV" is very funny and it may work for him, it doesn't necessarily apply to you or someone else. In my opinion is important that you come across as genuine, as yourself, so start there. Be honest. If that gallery wants you, they don't want you for your CV. You already have something on that blank sheet: that specifict gallery! quite an accomplishment. Other than that you may want to enter juried shows and group shows in your area that you can put on your CV. You mention that you have work in collections, definitely worth to mention. If you have taken any courses or trained with someone that is known in your community, mention it. Also, include a statement about your vision, in what direction you see yourself going, a bit of a background, short bio, all good "fillers" and probably more interesting for your audience to read than dry data. Be creative but stay true to yourself.
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