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Re: How does one break into the monumental sculpture arena?

Originally Posted by Lastrid View Post
I read an article today about a sculpture in Jamestown, NY of Lucille Ball that is just an absolute travesty.
We should be happy to see this then:

Lucille Ball’s upstate New York hometown wants ‘monster’-like statue removed
Saturday, April 4, 2015

Residents of Lucille Ball's upstate New York hometown said they want to replace a scary-looking bronze statue of the actress.

"It looks like a monster," a Celoron man championing the cause told the Daily News. “It not only does not look like Lucy, it doesn’t look human. And at nighttime it’s even scarier."

Celoron officials who “all agreed it was ugly” have been working to fix the statue since it was erected in 2009, the man said.
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