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Re: Sculpture News Du Jour

I was searching for any sort of art-related news from my alma mater, when I came across this article from 2003. A sculpture won a grant to be fabricated and remain on campus for one year, and the article holds some criticism about that money being wasted, and possibly linking that specific spending on the UofA's rise in tuition. Never mind that this is one of the largest college-sports schools in the US, wasting money on pampering their athletes, among other needless renovations took place all across campus; one of which now allows the UofA to boast the largest student union in the country.

Just last week, I received a phone call from the UofA Alumni Association trying to hit me up for a $100 donation.
Apparently, they're attempting to fund a new scoreboard, and the business/psychology senior that called me said - verbatim - "The new scoreboard will increase the technology and education for our students."
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