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Re: How do you polish on bronze?

It's a nasty business; mirror polishing bronze...back in the '80s all my pieces were mirror finished. But that was only feasible because the castings were close to perfect in that they were being cast not in an art foundry but in a commercial foundry that cast bronze and aluminum parts whose usage necessitated x-raying to look for possible flaws: gears, machine components etc. And even with that the polishing was done by a company that polished metal parts not artwork and still would uncover pinholes etc. that needed to be welded up and polished again. Time consuming and expensive. And though the sculptures looked great at first, it didn't last especially in a gallery setting where they were touched and fingerprints showed and they just naturally tarnished over time. There was nothing effective then that could be applied to the surface to keep the original mirror finish without causing other problems down the road. I still do polish out some areas on some of my pieces, small areas that from time to time need a careful touchup with a little Mother's Cream.

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