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finishes available for stainless steel


I was wondering if anyone knows of any alternative finishes possible with cast stainless steel sculptures? I'm looking for a permanent material to cast a piece in, I don't really want to use bronze on this work as it has too much history and I'd like to keep the clarity of the material it's currently cast in (plain white plaster). I've seen some work that was plated silver which had the feel of what I'm looking for but I've had some bad experience with plating and don't want to repeat it. I've been considering stainless but I don't want a highly reflective surface, or a completely dead surface as you get when stainless is brushed or shot. I was wondering if anyone has seen and can show images of some alternate stainless steel finishes, fire stain for example, I'm guessing stainless doesn't really patina but I'm talking about the more natural finishes not an anodized or painted one, something that would add that tiny bit of depth to the surface (if that makes sense).

Many thanks

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