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Re: interesting article by Camille Paglia

Thanks for posting this, Ironman. I haven't read anything resembling philosophy for something like 30 years, but I will say that I tried several times in college to find at least a survey course on something like comparative religion, and failed each time. I guess the demand wasn't there back then. I quote just a short part of her on-line article from your reference, to give more of what it's about. Hopefully there is no objection.

Paglia: "But based on my college experiences in the 1960s, when interest in Hinduism and Buddhism was intense, I have been calling for nearly two decades for massive educational reform that would put the study of comparative religion at the center of the university curriculum. Though I shared the exasperation of my generation with the moralism and prudery of organized religion, I view each world religion, including Judeo-Christianity and Islam, as a complex symbol system, a metaphysical lens through which we can see the vastness and sublimity of the universe."
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