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The principal differences between Stanford White's time and today are mostly insurance and labor costs.

Here in Mexico, where there are no promiscuous law suits and labor is reasonable, such things are still possible and are still done. I had three men working on my roof for three days last week and it cost me $500.00 US, including materials. It would have cost at least $5000.00 in the US.

In my neighborhood we have a team of street sweepers/landscapers who care for the streets, sidewalks, median strips, grass areas, trees, shrubs, etc on a daily basis. Today there were about eight of them on my street. There is no welfare here so men still work. The city provides a job for anyone who wants one. But no free lunch.

Some Americans criticize me for paying my maid and my houseman what I do. (I pay more than the prevailing rate.) I tell them, "My maid owns her house. With no mortgage. Do you?"

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