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Originally Posted by mantrid View Post
What would you be happy to pay per Bronze?
If the postage from the uk to canada is reasonable for you I could certainly cast them for less. Maybe there ssome postage deal with the uk as its part of the commonwealth.
PM me if you are interested

oops thoughtr you were in canada for some reason, must be my age
The offer is still there though if its economical regarding the shipping
Thank you Mantrid, unfortunately I'm in the USA, so postage to would be agony, ditto for customs- that's a big reason I don't even sell my work out of the USA except under very rare circustances I did however receive a quote from a Colorado foundry for $395 which is close to the expectations I had in mind and I can live with that number.
I also said I used to have these cast solid and would prefer that rather than the usual chocolate bunny hollow casts.

They also included a nicely personalized letter, the California foundry didn't even say a word, amazingly just forwarded a completely dialogue-less quote with nothing more to it than you'd see on a packing slip, definitely did not make me want contact them back.

The Colorado response was very friendly, complementary, and invited more interactions as well as offering to answer any questions I might have- definitely the more artist oriented place of the two.
I'm going to buy the wax soon as the 21 year old chunk I have somewhere in the basement has been in really poor conditions of storage, lots of dirt, dust and grit on it.

Geez, I'm reading a book on Stanford White which has a lot of material about Augustus Saint-Gaundens as well as Frederick MacMonnies and their working relationship, it floors me how many huge monumental bronzes and more they did, and how Saint-Gaudens would just "do up" some model and cast it in bronze to give to friends or whatever, and how White "invited" Saint-Gaudens to make the huge- 18' tall gilt copper "Diana" figure for the top of the tower on his Madison Square Garden building, and after it was installed they decided it was too large, so they simply had it taken back down and remade it smaller at 13' at White's cost, this 1,800 pound statue was up on the top of the tower about 32 stories up, imagine the ordeal of removing that at a time when there were no such things as cranes that high- they had to build scaffolding.

More or less the same was repeated with MacMonnies making a huge copper winged victory figure for the top of a monument at West Point, White decided it was too big scaled and paid for replacing it with a smaller one! The nonchallant way these guys were seemingly just making and tossing these huge bronzes and copper sculptures around and replacing them or donating them as gifts you'd think they cost little more than suit and could be ordered from a Sears catalogue. The cost for these items today would be insane.

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