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Re: Parks Bronze

Originally Posted by mantrid View Post
yes casting it as an addition to a larger job would be the only way.

Firing up a relatively large furnace for a small single piece would lose them money, so they wouldn't necessarily take any work unless you could cover all the costs of doing so, fuel, raw materials consumables, electricity, wages of employees etc

let us know what they want to do it, it would be interesting to know
Sure, that's why I always let both foundries know in advance I wasn't in a hurry and could wait on the casting when they had a melt going on, would be ridiculous to fire up a furnace just to cast one $110 item even back then!

I'll post what I find out, I have a hunch they are closed thru the holidays and probably won't be back in the shop till the day after New Years to even read my email.
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