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Re: Drawing vs sculpting-which is easier?

Im not sure I see the point of asking "which is easier" - for what reasons would easier be better?

About a month ago I went to a national exhibition of drawing, and was very impressed both with the range of what is now regarded as 'drawing' as well as the range of artists using the medium (from abstract to hyper-real; from what is close to painting to needlework!). Perhaps the field of drawing is now as open to interpretation as sculpture has become, and as open as sculpture to what it can achieve by hands that are inspired by what other practitioners have led us towards. No art is born out of a vacuum, and the medium gets close to being nothing without some guy working it.

Sculpture harder? Hey, it doesn't get any easier that the work being produced by contemporary big-name sculptors who don't lay a hand on the work at all. But we've worked that topic.....
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