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Re: seeking recommendations for improvement

You have a lot against you at the moment, two photos and limited experience. Even an experienced portrait sculptor would have big problems getting a likeness from two photos. They would normally work from the actual person posing for weeks or even longer. They may also use photos, but dozens of them from many different angles.

If these are the only photos you have you will only be able to guess the likeness from the side as you have no photo to refer to.

You can only hope to get close. I dont think you have done too bad considering the limitations. Another thing to remember is that the hair makes a huge difference, without it its hard to see how accurate the likeness is. Try putting the hair on, you can always cut it off before making the mould if its not needed on the latex casting

As for tips to get it more feminine, The brows are definitely male, they need raising particularly at the ends to increase the eye lid area.
The lips are two thin and wide. Compare them with the nose, you can see that the lips should be about 1.5 times the width of the nose, yours are twice the width of the nose. Check other dimensions against each other, theres probably more, this is just one that jumped out at me.

If you want to make it bigger to fit your hand you will have to increase everything else in proportion. by just changing that one area you are altering your proportions and so will start to lose the likeness

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