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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

I do not dispute that child abuse is bad, but I don't see it as a pivotal issue when it comes to issues about the legality or public acceptability of nudity or sexual imagery. It seems to me like this is primarily a law enforcement issue. To say that restricting (non-child) pornography or promoting sexual repression in any form is significant to addressing the problem seems batty to me. If this is your issue, focus on educating kids to stay away from predators and paying for more detectives and cops to go out and bust them.

As for the roots of the worldwide problem of sex slavery and child prostitution, I still think you are completely upside-down in your thinking on this. Fetishism of any kind is the result of repressed, unhealthy sexuality. Sexual predators and child-fetishists didn't get so twisted from seeing sex in movies, porno magazines, naked people on billboards, or because their parents allowed them to cavort naked with their friends when they were kids. They got that way due to some combination of genetic predisposition and having suffered abuse as children themselves. Do you really think that parents that let their kids see nudity and sex and consider it no big deal are more likely to raise predators than parents that treat sex like something filthy, shameful, secretive, and bad?

In a larger context, as far as correlating a country's liberalness with regards to nudity and sex with increases in child abuse, you'll have to show me the studies. I doubt it.

Even if it is true, it pales statistically in comparison to the correlation between such liberalness and the conditions for women. Sexual abusees are a small minority of any population, whereas women are roughly half. In cultures with extreme sexual repression, women are treated as sub-humans - practically livestock - whereas in sexually liberal countries, women are much closer to equal with men.

This is just the biggest criteria. The quality of life in more socially liberal countries is better across the board. Even if you can show that such liberalness correlates with a higher rate of child sexual abuse, I say it's worth it. It can be counterracted by proactive education and law enforcement. Censorship and repression are not the answer. If you really value extreme uptightness about sex and the 'safety' it confers to the population so highly, there are plenty of muslim-dominated countries to which you could immigrate...
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